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5 Most Expensive Universities in California

If you’re studying in any of these five universities in California, then you must be one filthy rich stud. But you certainly need more than cheap college text books to get through your classes and come out of them in one piece, since not only these universities share the pedestal of being the most expensive universities in the state in terms of annual tuition fee but they are also notable in terms of their academic and social contributions.

According to data provided by CNN Money’s College Cost Finder, here are the five most expensive universities in the State of …

5 Best California Beaches for Sun Tanning

beach1.jpg Summer is just around the corner, and soon enough you’ll be hitting the beach to get that good old summer tan. Of course, you can always skip this part and just find a tanning salon to achieve that sun-kissed look, but if you’re looking to do some surfing or swimming as well, you might as well go to the nearest beach and soak in the sun. Besides, did we mention that the beach is going to be full of all those gorgeous bodies for you to ogle? But then again, you already …

Young Hollywood

young-star.jpgIf you are a regular Internet user or faithfully follow gossip shows on TV, chances are you’ll have an opinion on how out-of-control today’s young Hollywood stars are.

But to be perfectly honest, today’s young Hollywood stars aren’t any wilder or badder than the young stars of yesteryears. As a matter of fact, the shenanigans of such current tabloid fodder as Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears look relatively tame when compared to the escapades of some of the young stars in the 1940s and 1950s. The major difference is that in today’s world …

Ultimate: Yoga Exercise and a Massage

yoga.jpgName one form of exercise, and chances are, I’ve already done it. For years, I’ve been dabbling in almost every kind of workout that comes along just to stay fit. From Tae-Bo to Pilates, I’ve done them all, and modesty aside, I’ve got the body to show for it. Nothing, however, comes close to the benefits I get when I’m doing Yoga. And no, you don’t have to be a human pretzel to be able to practice Yoga, which, after all, literally means “discipline”, something which all of us can certainly use …

Hotels in San Diego - Luxury Accommodations for this Girl

Although I live in Del Mar, I still like to stay in the Gaslamp to have some fun and not have to hassle with a driver or getting home. I mean, it’s pretty pointless to go to one of the most interesting neighborhoods in San Diego only to leave in a jiffy, right? That’s why whenever I lose myself in the combination of historical and hip spots in the Gaslamp, I make sure to make reservations for a splendid and comfortable stay at some of the best Hotels in San Diego.


More often than …

Los Angeles Nightlife - I Went, I Partied, I Conquered

One thing I really love about Los Angeles is the nightlife. I mean, I’ve partied at God-knows-how-many nightclubs everywhere in my entire life, but nothing compares to those that pepper LA. Not that the music, ambience, drinks or food are any better than those in, say, New York City, but if you’re hitting the scene in the City of Angels, there’s a bigger chance you’ll bump into, or in some instances, get barfed on by celebrities who are by no means angels. Far from it.


Like the one night I spent at the Hyde …

Considering a Move to America?


Something I’m working on at the moment just had me thinking about the various great places to live in the world (based on my standards of living) and how people in other countries perceive life in the US.

With North America being the economic power house of the world, the USA offers an unrivaled mix of cultures, religions and employment opportunities for expats wanting to move to America. The tourist market is also enormous, with every tourist attractions you would ever wish to see!

The creation of the USA was based on …

Things to do in New York - Attractions in New York

A lot of things about New York City may have changed since September 11, 2001. But whatever these changes are, they don’t change the fact that New York City—The Big Apple itself—remains one of the greatest cities in the world, bar none. Despite everything that the city has gone through for the past decade or so, New York still possess that certain quality that makes it a favorite destination for millions upon millions of foreign and American tourists alike.


Naturally, New York is synonymous with such landmarks as the Empire State Building, the Statue …

New York Restaurants - Top Dining in Manhattan


To say that Manhattan has many great dining places is an understatement. With more than a hundred restaurants serving the gamut of world cuisine, the variety of dining choices in Manhattan is so wide it can make anyone’s head spin.

Practically all types of tastes, whether it’s for a specific ethnic cuisine, fine dining or just plain, good ol’ American fast food are catered to in Manhattan. If you’re a lover of Japanese food, for instance, Nobu is definitely the place to be. World-class sushi, black cod with miso and Lobster with Wasabi Pepper …

The State of New York: A Great Vacation Destination

When people hear the words ‘New York’, the first things that readily cross their minds are images of the Empire State Building and of course, the Statue of Liberty. While New York City is without a question one of the best-known cities in the world, it is but just one of the things that make New York State a great vacation destination.


Let’s start up north, on the northwestern corner of the state to be exact. Out there lies Niagara Falls, a most spectacular sight anyone who visits New York should not miss. Whether you’re on …

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