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Things to do in New York - Attractions in New York

A lot of things about New York City may have changed since September 11, 2001. But whatever these changes are, they don’t change the fact that New York City—The Big Apple itself—remains one of the greatest cities in the world, bar none. Despite everything that the city has gone through for the past decade or so, New York still possess that certain quality that makes it a favorite destination for millions upon millions of foreign and American tourists alike.


Naturally, New York is synonymous with such landmarks as the Empire State Building, the Statue …

New York Restaurants - Top Dining in Manhattan


To say that Manhattan has many great dining places is an understatement. With more than a hundred restaurants serving the gamut of world cuisine, the variety of dining choices in Manhattan is so wide it can make anyone’s head spin.

Practically all types of tastes, whether it’s for a specific ethnic cuisine, fine dining or just plain, good ol’ American fast food are catered to in Manhattan. If you’re a lover of Japanese food, for instance, Nobu is definitely the place to be. World-class sushi, black cod with miso and Lobster with Wasabi Pepper …

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